Al Quraish Vidoes

Al Quraish Pet Bottles is part of the Al Quraish Group of Companies, which compromises of Al Quraish Paper Industries (Paper/Board Mill), Al Quraish Board Mills (Kraft Paper Mill) and Al Quraish PET Bottles (Pet Bottles Plant). Al Quraish PET Bottles came into Production in the beginning of 2007 and the factory is located in the newly created Sundar Industrial Estate near Raiwand, Lahore.

Al-Quraish Bottle Making Process

The manufacturing process of PET bottles is quite complex. It all starts with the PET resin. The resin is sold in the form of pellets, small masses similar in size to grains of rice. These pellets are first melted then they are injected into a first mould to produce preforms, the precursor of the bottle. Preforms look very much like test tubes. The second step in the bottle production process is the so-called “stretch blow-moulding” phase. The preform is set within a second mould where it is heated so it becomes soft and fluid. Next, high pressure air is blown inside the preform while at the same time it is being stretched. Since the preform is now soft, its walls are pushed against the walls of the mould giving the desired shape to the container.

Al-Quraish Paper Making Process

Paper machinery newly imported from Sweden, an experienced staff, and a strict adherence to standards allows Al Quraish Paper to product fine quality paper to a capacity.